Where do I start?

Start right here: Click 'Get Started' now! Choose your construction style and follow the simple steps. If you have your site soil geotechnical report and floor plan, you'll be able to upload them, or you can come back and upload them later.

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How does TeA work?

The Engineering App (TeA) is an innovative and groundbreaking, free web based engineering tool. TeA is a tool designed to deliver a rapid ordering and delivery system for residential housing, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your finalised engineering documentation may be received within hours if not minutes!!

TeA is provided at a fraction of typical engineering costs. TeA can be utilised by anyone who requires structural engineering designs - for Architects, Owner Builders and of course Builders!

You input, access and receive your structural engineering documents, online, from home, at work - even on site, from any PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, provided you have internet access.

TeA takes the pain and time out of getting customised structural engineering drawings - just answer our five step questionnaire and receive a completely tailored set of documents for your project. TeA keeps you in control of the ordering and status of your projects.

How much will it cost?

TeA is a free to use, web based tool. Simply create a free user account to begin. Once logged in you can manage, order and pay for engineering at your convenience.

TeA is a breakthrough structural engineering service. The new online tool developed by The Engineering App Pty Ltd drives engineering costs far lower than ever before.

Our technology provides automation and efficiency never seen before. This allows us to deliver structural engineering documents at a fraction of the cost of traditional engineering consultants! Not only that - we deliver completed documents promptly via your unique email link!

Payments are made securely online using your credit/debit card on the TeA site, through a trusted major Australian bank.